PETITION: Keeping Families Together!

On 17 May 2013, in News, by admin

Every summer, around moving day, thousands of Quebec residents are forced to make the gut-wrenching decision to part with a beloved pet, whom they consider a member of their family, in order to find rental housing that meets their needs. Indeed, by the Corporation des propriétaires immobiliers du Québec’s own estimate, only 4,2% of landlords […]


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Campaign against No-Pet Clauses

On 17 May 2013, in News, by admin

1. If landlords can no longer prohibit pets, how can they protect themselves against possible damage caused by pets? Irrespective of whether a housing unit allows or prohibits pets, the tenant who resides in it is legally obligated to maintain it in good and clean condition. Indeed, upon termination of the lease, the tenant must […]


A weekend with an exotic twist!

On 13 May 2013, in News, by admin

This week, we are fearuring our “exotic animals” department. Did you know that Montreal’s SPCA offers for adoption, in addition to dogs and cats, a variety of birds, rabbits, rodents and small mammals? The SPCA is one of the few shelters in the greater Montreal area to accept stray or abandoned exotic animals. If we […]



On 9 May 2013, in News, by admin

Since 1915, the American Humane Association has celebrated the Be Kind to Animals Week (May, 5-11, 2013). In this annual tradition, they commemorate the role animals play in our lives, promote ways to continue to treat them humanely, and encourage others, adults and children, to do the same. 4 Ways to celebrate the Be Kind […]



On 8 May 2013, in News, by admin

A new French TV show «Animal cherche compagnie… pour la vie» (Pet seeking company … for life) will be broadcasted in a few months on the CASA TV channel. The concept aims to find the perfect match between an orphan pet and an adoptive family. In each episode, two families will compete to win the […]

TN Puppy Mill Rescue


On 6 May 2013, in News, by admin

May 6 – 12 is PUPPY MILL ACTION WEEK – Help these suffering dogs! Did you know that thousands of dogs (and cats) throughout Canada spend their entire lives in small cages, living in inhumane conditions for the sole purpose of breeding, again and again, to generate puppies and kittens to be sold in pet […]



On 3 May 2013, in Articles, News, by admin

These cats have been ear-tipped or ‘notched’. This is a surgical alteration showing that a free-living cat has been spayed/neutered. It’s part of the program ‘TNRM, which means Trap, Neuter, Release, Maintain. These cats should never be re-trapped or brought to a shelter, unless sick or injured. Instead, they should be left in their neighborhood […]


The adorables: today meet KYRA!

On 3 May 2013, in News, by admin

KYRA is part of the Adorables, a group of dogs who have been up for adoption for more than two weeks at Montreal’s SPCA. KYRA is a wonderful white female Husky, full of life and energy. She’s 4-year-old, sterilized and house trained. She loves going on walks, and is very curious of her environment. Always […]


Montreal’s SPCA: cats traumatized by hoarding incident need a second chance

On 24 April 2013, in News, by admin

Article posted by Kristine Berey on April 12, 2013 – in The Senior Times Last summer, the Montreal SPCA was called to a 4½-room apartment in the Plateau that had been suddenly vacated by an elderly tenant with health problems. When they arrived, the rescue workers were met with one of the worst cases of […]


The SPCA celebrates 144 years of proudly serving the animals of Quebec!

On 23 April 2013, in Press releases, News, by admin

Giving Animals a Voice Montreal, April 23, 2013 – It is on April 5, 1869, that the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (now better known as Montreal’s SPCA) was founded in Montreal by a group of prominent citizens. The SPCA was the first humane society in Canada. During the early years, […]

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