Temporary Montreal SPCA Dog Placement Protocol (updated)


Temporary Montreal SPCA Dog Placement Protocol (updated)

On 24 February 2017, in Articles, News, by Anita Kapuscinska

bsl_mid-donner_nov2016_enMontreal, February 24th 2017 – Following the implementation of the provisions in the city of Montreal’s animal control by-law which unjustly target certain types of dogs, the Montreal SPCA implemented a temporary protocol to ensure for the welfare of the dogs currently under our care and who will be coming into the shelter in the weeks to come. Given that we refuse to put to death healthy, adoptable and behaviourally sound dogs, and because the definition of those dogs whose adoption is prohibited in Montreal by the city’s by-law is so vague and broad, that it is impossible for us to determine which dogs are targeted, we are implementing the following short-term protocol for healthy and behaviourally sound dogs:

  • All dogs under 10 kg will be placed into adoption, as before.
  • All dogs weighing 10 kg and over will be either:
    • Transferred to partner rescue groups or shelters located outside of Montréal;
    • Or made available for adoption to citizens residing outside of Montreal, in municipalities without Breed Specific Legislation.

This protocol is not a viable long-term solution to the discriminatory, unreasonable and vague provisions of Montreal’s by-law. It will be used on a temporary basis, during a transition period for our shelter during which we will be reviewing our animal services contracts with our various borough partners. The Montreal SPCA will continue its efforts to fight the discriminatory and punitive provisions of the City of Montreal’s by-law targeting “pit bull type dogs” and to promote evidence-based solutions that actually reduce the risk and severity of dog bites. This fight is not over.

Rest assured that we will continue fighting to protect all innocent dogs in Montreal.

To all concerned citizens who want to help:

The Montreal SPCA is very grateful for the support it has received, both locally and internationally. Together, we will continue fighting to help protect the innocent dogs of Montreal. Please understand that we are currently receiving a large volume of messages.

The Montreal SPCA team thanks you.


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