Adopt an exotic animal

*** You can see different animals available for adoption at the Montreal SPCA on
the Montreal Petfinder website
by clicking here or by downloading the Android Application by clicking here 
You can also go on their Facebook page Exotic Animals Montreal SPCA


These animals were adopted at the Montreal SPCA

BEFORE adopting, it is important to:

  • Assess the costs of having a pet: food, visits to the veterinarian, litter, care products, and so on. You can find all the important information on how to care for your rabbit on the House Rabbit Society website:
  • Know your animal’s life expectancy and whether you have the time and energy to take care of a pet day after day.
  • Anticipate that your new pet will need time to adapt to his or her new surroundings and understand that he could cause damages during this period.


  • Monday to Friday: 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm* (possible to visit the animals until 8:00 pm)
    * Hours may change during holidays or special events.

To foster an exotic animal, you must first contact the exotics department by sending an email to:


  • Rabbit (to view/download the brochure on rabbits, click here)
    – Sterilized male $100
    – Sterilized female $100
  • Ferret $60
  • Chinchilla $60 (to view/download the brochure on chinchillas, click here)
  • Guinea-Pig $30 (to view/download the brochure on guinea-pigs, click here)
  • Rat $15 (to view/download the brochure on rats, click here)
  • Hamster $10 (to view/download the brochure on hamsters, click here)
  • Hedgehog $75
  • Mouse $10
  • Gerbil $15 (to view/download the brochure on gerbils, click here)
  • Degu $15
  • Birds
    – Lovebird $50
    – Canary $40
    – Cockatiel $35
    – Finch $15
    – Budgie $10
    – Dove $8
    – Turtle-dove $8

** When you adopt two exotic animals of the same species at the same time (for example 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 2 mice, etc.), there is no adoption fee for the second animal. Please note that we cannot reserve an animal for you. You must come to the Montreal SPCA.


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