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The Montréal SPCA also spends time educating the public regarding wildlife. For example, we offer tips on harmless and humane ways of living safely around wildlife. We also assist injured and orphaned wildlife.

The SPCA would like to provide information to help promote safe coexistence between humans and wildlife.

Wildlife and human interaction is becoming more common in cities as urban sprawl removes habitats where animals previously lived and people intentionally or unintentionally (i.e. with poorly protected garbage bins) provide them with food sources for. It is no surprise that wildlife, including coyotes, sometimes make their way into the city.

Wildlife animals have a tremendously positive impact on an area’s biodiversity and ecological integrity. Trapping and killing them or “relocating” them is not only inhumane, it is also ineffective. It disrupts the natural social order in the area and can actually create additional problems for citizens. By taking precautionary measures and being mindful about how our behavior directly affects wildlife, we can learn to coexist peacefully with all wildlife.

To avoid conflicts with coyotes, here are several precautionary measures that citizens should take:

  • Put garbage in secure containers with sealed lids.
  • Keep garbage indoors until the garbage collection day.
  • Use securely enclosed compost bins.
  • Protect your garden with a fence or grow vegetables in a greenhouse.
  • Fence in your property to make it less accessible.
  • Fill the empty spaces under porches, decks and sheds.
  • Do not leave your pets outside unsupervised.
  • Teach children to respect wildlife and keep their distance.

Additional information:

  • Download this PDF document to know more about wildlife.
  • Coyotes in urban areas – what to do, click here.
  • Fore more information and tips to handle wildlife, click here.


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