The SPCA Volunteer Program’s Mission

Become a Volunteer!


To sign up for the volunteer program, please send us a message with your name and contact information by email to: benevolat@spca.com


Help the animal first and foremost! 


At the Montreal SPCA, the volunteers’ contributions are very important for the operations of the shelter. Their support and devotion are crucial in helping the SPCA accomplish its mission. They provide the additional resources necessary for us to continue to expand our services, which exceed the traditional services offered by an animal shelter.

The first goal of this program is to serve the main clientele of our shelter: the animals. The program was developed based on their needs and those of shelter.

SPCA Volunteer Program Description

All daily necessities that are essential to the shelter’s operations – such as general shelter maintenance, animal care, administration, clientele service, inspection and ambulances are carried out by hired staff. However, the Canadian SPCA goes beyond these standard services, and thanks to the volunteers’ contributions, can expand its actions to help animals.

Beyond food and a clean cage, our animals have needs that are not attended to by our staff. They need us to help them find a good home, to find their owner if they are lost or to find a temporary home. It is because of these needs that the SPCA Volunteer Program was established.

Profile of SPCA Volunteer

The Canadian SPCA is seeking individuals who want to give their time to help the animals, and involve themselves with all their heart. These special people are very concerned to improve the environment for animals in our society and to help the Canadian SPCA save more lives.

The motivation of their involvement is to help the animal, first and foremost!

Basic requirements for all volunteers:

  • To be 18 and over
  • To be able to commit a minimum of 3 consecutive hours per week
  • To be able to work on a fixed schedule (at the same time each week)
  • To be available for long-term commitment
  • To have a valid email address
  • To have volunteered for a minimum of three months to qualify for a reference letter


Volunteer for Cat Nail-Trimming Service

Every Wednesday evening, the Montreal SPCA offers the public the possibility of having their cat’s claws trimmed in exchange for a donation of their choice. We also offer the application of nail caps at this time. In volunteering for our cat claw care clinic, your tasks would be to trim cats’ claws, apply nail caps, and provide information and advice to cat owners concerning their animal’s wellbeing.

Requirements: Experience working as a groomer or in a veterinary clinic or other relevant experience.


Volunteer Adopter Greeter

Are you a people person? Do you enjoy helping others? As an Adopter Greeter you would be interacting with visitors who come to the Montreal SPCA to adopt an animal. Your tasks would include greeting and guiding visitors, answering questions, and monitoring the animals being viewed in the adoption rooms to ensure they are comfortable and secure.

Requirements: Available on either Saturday or Sunday, bilingual, love working with the public, organized.


Volunteer to welcome animals
This program is new at the Montreal SPCA: we are looking for dynamic people who want to be involved in daily tasks to help our reception staff to increase the speed of service when the animals arrive at our shelter. The volunteer will be responsible for assisting the front desk to register the animal, install him in his cage and accompany people who lost their pet for identification visits in our stray department. For volunteers, we have shifts from 7:00am to 10:00pm (5 shifts of 3 hours each) to fill 7 days a week.

Requirements: bilingual, enjoy working with the public, comfortable with cats and dogs, empathetic.

Volunteer to welcome adopters
We are looking for dynamic candidates who want to get involved to guide our future adopters in the adoption process of dogs and cats. The volunteer will be responsible for greeting customers, explain the different steps when adopting a pet, to have the adoption form be completed and be available to answer any questions. For volunteers, we have shifts from Thursday to Sunday.

Requirements: Bilingual, enjoy working with the public, to be organized, good interpersonal skills.


Adoption Counsellor

Are you passionate about animals and love interacting with people? As a volunteer Adoption Counsellors you would be responsible for helping adopters choose an animal that is right for them. Your tasks would include interviewing families interested in adopting an animal, providing adopters with information and advice concerning their new companion, and socializing the animals available for adoption. Our Adoption Counsellors are provided with extensive training on animal behaviour as well as on the science of match making between adopters and shelter animals.

Note that our Adoption Counsellors start with the adoption of cats. Then, after a few months and when it’s possible, you can be trained to adopt the dogs.

Requirements: Bilingual, experience in customer service, currently living with an animal or have lived with an animal in the past, love working with the public.


Animal care team
We are looking for motivated candidates who wish to get involved in daily physical tasks and to assist our employees in the animal care department. The volunteer will be responsible, according to the time of day, to participate in washing the blankets, bowls and cages of the dogs and cats, as well as to enhance the environment of the cats.

Requirements: Bilingual an asset, be comfortable with dogs and cats, autonomous, teamwork.


Exotic Animal Care Giver
The exotic department was started by a group of passionate volunteers in order to ensure the well-being of rodents, birds and other exotic animals at the shelter. The team tends to the special needs of these animals. Their responsibilities include feeding, exercise, health monitoring, etc. If you share our passion for these unique animals, and are familiar with them, join this dynamic and dedicated team!

Requirements: The love of exotic animals and previous experience working with them.


A picture is worth a thousand words! The Petfinder.com website offers a spotlight to all animals up for adoption at the SPCA. The Petfinder volunteers are in charge of photographing and writing a description of each animal looking for a family. Publishing our animals’ information on the web grants them greater visibility, yielding them more chances of being adopted! If you are a talented writer and photographer, come and meet our beautiful models!

Requirements: Having excellent written English or French, enjoys working in a team, owning a digital camera.


Volunteer – help vet clinic
We are looking for candidates who wish to participate in daily tasks to help our technicians and the animals in recovery room or hospitalized. The volunteer will be responsible for checking the animals and report any anomalies, clean the cages, wash the equipment and other tasks required by the technician.

Requirements: Bilingual an asset, be comfortable with dogs and cats, resourcefulness.


Volunteer – drivers for animals
We are looking for candidates who can transport animals from the Montreal SPCA to another shelter or vice versa. The volunteer will be responsible to bring animals from one destination to another safely and confidentialy. We have different types of transportation needs: short (two hours or less), medium (2 to 4 hours) and long (between 4 and 10 hours). These transports can be done with your own vehicle or a vehicle from the Montreal SPCA (to be discussed). The volunteer must give his availability in advance and be reliable.

Requirements: Valid driver’s license, Bilingual an asset, reliable and independent.


Lost and Found Team
The Lost and Found volunteer team helps bring home countless animals each year. Its members work tirelessly to find the owners of each lost animal arriving at the shelter; namely by posting their pictures on its website. And because we know that losing a pet is never easy, our volunteers are available to lend a sympathetic ear to distressed owners, and to provide them with practical advice on finding their companion. If you are bilingual, empathetic and enjoy interacting with the public, you can be a part of beautiful reunions too!

Requirements: Being bilingual, enjoying working with the public, being empathetic, having great interpersonal skills and a knowledge of Microsoft Office programs.


Foster Team
The volunteers participating in the Foster program help to find homes for the animals with treatable illnesses or minor injuries. They take pictures of the animals available for foster and assist department staff in their various tasks (updating the blog, document preparation, filing records, answering phone calls and emails).

Requirements: Good interpersonal skills, be comfortable with animals and with computers.


Enrichment Program

Enrichment – Cat Team
This program includes several activities to stimulate the five senses (touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste). Volunteers will be expected to train cats to reduce some of their less desirable behaviors such as excessive meowing. Volunteers will also be asked to play with very active cats or offer massages to anxious cats to ensure their welfare during their stay at the SPCA. The main task of the volunteer will be the behavioral assessment in order to establish the cats profile, allowing a better match with their potential adoptive family.

Requirements: no allergies to cats, knowledge of feline behavior, training with “éduchateur” is an asset.


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