The Montreal SPCA’s 2022 calendar now available!

Discover many heartwarming adoption stories, like that of Perla, an adorable black cat who had to undergo major surgery to regain her health, or the story of Méli and Mélo, two very lucky ducks. By purchasing our calendar, you will be helping other animals like Perla, Méli and Mélo receive the care they need in 2022.

All proceeds benefit the Montreal SPCA. Hurry and order yours while quantities last!

Photo credits : Chantal Lévesque photo

Want to make a loved one happy? Take advantage of the “Animal Friendly” discount when purchasing 2 or more calendars:

1 calendar — $12
2 calendars — $20
3 calendars — $28
4 calendars — $35

Tax and shipping included (only available in Canada). To order 5 calendars or more, please contact Tatiana Turlea at admin@spca.com or call our toll free number 1-866-888-7722.