What’s cuter than a kitten? 


The Mary Phelan Neonatal Program for orphaned kittens is in full swing at the Montreal SPCA for a fifth consecutive year. While the kitten season usually runs from April to October, the Montreal SPCA welcomed its first orphan on February 4th, the coldest day of winter 2023.   

Since the Program’s creation in 2018, our kitten survival rate has been over 90%. The success of this initiative and the rescue of so many newborn cats can be directly attributed to the generous support of people like yourself 

Striving to save more lives 

When it was first implemented in 2018, the Mary Phelan Neonatal Program fostered 26 orphaned kittens. By 2022, that number had grown to more than 200, and we expect it to increase again in 2023. In order to meet the demand, the Montreal SPCA must train as many as 40 new foster families each year. 

Every minute counts 

“When we receive orphans, we contact specialized foster families quickly to see if they can take in one or more kittens. These families are extremely dedicated and qualified. Every minute counts, as the kittens’ immune system is very fragile. The sooner they leave the shelter, the better their chances of survival.”  

Jessica Nichol, Manager, Clinical Programs    

A few of the lucky orphans who were taken in this spring…

Donations from this campaign will not only save the lives of orphaned kittens this summer, but will ensure the growth of the program so that more kittens are admitted year after year.