Give them a cozier, more comfortable shelter!

Thanks to your gift, we will be able to build new kennels that are less stressful for dogs that have special needs, are recovering from trauma or have to remain with us for longer periods.

Tinted glass that allow dogs to be seen by visitors without knowing they’re there, sound-absorbing materials, a grooming station specifically designed for shelter animals, larger pens and more. The extent of your generosity in action couldn’t be clearer. While waiting for a real home to come along, please help us give them a cozier, more comfortable shelter!↓

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provides treats for one dog for a week


pays for a safe, durable toy to keep dogs entertained


buys an interactive bowl to keep a dog busy


supplies a comfortable bed designed especially for animal shelters

Denny’s story

Abandoned by his family, Denny spent almost two months with us before finding a forever home. He’s a real little dynamo, almost too lively for some other dogs! In fact, the poor little guy was often sad to see how many of his potential friends just couldn’t keep up with him! Luckily, it all ended well for Denny. But in a better kennel, his long stay with us would have been more pleasant.

Thanks to your gifts, the next time we take in a little Denny, he’ll be able to burn off all that energy in a larger, quieter pen, equipped with tinted glass and sound-absorbing materials.


Thank you for your generosity

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