Microchipping cats and dogs over six months of age became mandatory in Montreal on January 1, 2020.

A microchip and a tag are the best ways to find your companion animal if ever they get lost, run away or are stolen. The Montreal SPCA recommends using these two identification methods as well as registering your animal with your municipality or city.

Microchipping service*

The Montreal SPCA offers a microchip implanting and registration service for cats and dogs at a cost of $45. Please note that proof of ownership (vaccination certificate, adoption contract) will be required.

*The Montreal SPCA’s microchipping service is suspended until further notice. Thank you for your much appreciated cooperation.

About the microchip

A microchip is an electronic and hypoallergenic device the size of a grain of rice. A veterinarian inserts the microchip under the animal’s skin on the back at the level of the shoulder blades. The microchip will not get lost, is durable and will stay with your companion for her entire life!

When a stray animal arrives at the Montreal SPCA, we use a scanner to detect whether she has a microchip. The microchip’s identification number automatically gives us access to the owner’s contact details. That is why it is important to update this information, especially if you move to a new address.

If you can not come to the Montreal SPCA to microchip your animal, contact your veterinary clinic, or a clinic near you, to see if they offer this service. Note that the microchip is also included in the adoption fee for all our dogs and cats.

Tag: have it engraved!

A tag with your phone number is the quickest way to locate your animal if ever they get lost. The Montreal SPCA offers a tag engraving service for only $10. You can choose the colour, size and shape of your animal’s tag and have her name and your phone number engraved on it.

To take advantage of this service, visit the Montreal SPCA Boutique during our business hours. The engraving only takes a few minutes.