Animals helped in 2020

From January 1 to December 31, 2020

409 lost animals reunited with their families
3,357 animals adopted
487 animals transferred to sanctuaries
Survival rate* :
Cats: 90.86%
Dogs: 90.49%
Rabbits: 91.79%
Guinea pigs: 95.59%
Average length of stay : 
Cats: 7 days
Dogs: 10.2 days
Rabbits: 12.4 days
Guinea pigs: 7.6 days

*The Montreal SPCA practises euthanasia solely as a last resort. Only the animals with the most serious behaviour or health problems, or who arrive dying for whom we can only reduce their suffering, are euthanized. Our organization is one of the most progressive in North America.

Statistics 2020

Day after day, our team plays an essential role in ensuring the well-being of our protegés. In 2020, we doubled our efforts to assist thousands of animals, regardless of their species.

Animal Care
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