Three local cruelty-free cosmetic brands worth discovering

I would like to introduce three of my favorite cosmetics brands that I’ve been using for the past few months. Not only are these companies located here in Quebec, they also have values that we truly love. No animal testing and no use of toxic substances.


Nuphar offers handmade products, derived from organic plant ingredients and grown without pesticides. The texture and perfume of the creams and soaps are very pleasant: orange blossom, camomile, peppermint, pine and so on. Their collection includes creams for all skin types at reasonable prices and the quality of the products is excellent.

nupharAvailable online and in-store at the Boutique Café MRKT (838 Mont-Royal East Avenue) in Montreal.

blue_heartMy personal favorite is the Conifer’s Trio soap.



Artémis Products

Artémis offers a large range of body care products suitable for the entire family. Inspired by nature, the products are made with raw ingredients derived mainly from organic, pesticide-free and eco-responsible crops. The majority of the cosmetics are vegan – and upon request the products can be made with vegetable wax.

artemisAvailable online and at Chez Loco (422 Jarry East) in Montreal.

blue_heartMy personal favorite is the hibiscus face scrub.




Idoine offers a Moringo oil-based collection of vegan and organic cosmetics, which is known for treating irritated skin and for regulating oily skin, as well as giving a radiant and glowing complexion.   Treatments are available in a wide-range and suitable for all skin-types.

idoineAvailable online and in several outlets throughout Quebec.

blue_heartMy personal favorite is the Hands and Feet Cream which has a beautiful minty fragrance.






Marie-Noël Gingras

Marie-Noël Gingras works in the Department of Animal Advocacy at the Montreal SPCA. In the past few years, she has collaborated on numerous projects related to animal rights and welfare (the Vert et Fruité and Vegan Portraits blogs, the Montreal Vegan Festival), as well as collaborated with the Défi végane 21 jours book, published in spring 2016 (Éditions Trécarré). You can follow her on Facebook.

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