Key moment in legal history for animal cruelty sentencing in Quebec

Montreal, October 29th 2012- Last Friday, October 26th, a Quebec resident, Jeffrey Laberge plead guilty to 5 counts of animal cruelty and received a 6 month prison sentence, 25 year prohibition on owning or having the custody or control of an animal, a $4000 fine and 2 years probation. The case involved the severe beating and stabbing of two dogs belonging at the time to the defendant, two pug mixes named Pixel and Roo. This is a momentous moment in history as this is the harshest sentence known of, that has been handed down in an animal cruelty case in the Province of Quebec.

“We are extremely excited about the sentence given in the Laberge case on Friday. This sentence is a significant step in the right direction for the Quebec judicial system, demonstrating to the public that animal cruelty is a serious offence and that defendants can expect serious consequences for their actions” said Alanna Devine, Director of Animal Advocacy at the Montreal SPCA. “So often we are disappointed with the sentences given to those found guilty of animal cruelty, and we are left feeling that the victims (the animals) do not receive any justice. In this case, thanks to the joint efforts of the team at the Montreal SPCA, police officers, the prosecutor involved in this case and the veterinary team at the animal Health clinic, we were able to get justice for Pixel and Roo.”

Roo was adopted by a family several months after she recovered from the physical trauma that she suffered. Pixel has been in a foster home, pending the outcome of the case, and will be adopted shortly by his foster family. Both dogs are doing well and are flourishing in their new homes.

The SPCA wishes to thank the prosecutor’s office, the agents of the SPVM and Dr. Lissa Altschuler and the rest of the team at the Animal Health Clinic. The efforts in this case will serve not only to provide justice for Pixel and Roo but the sentence rendered will be a significant landmark to deter would be animal abusers and to be used as a sentencing example for future animal cruelty cases.

You can also watch the CBC News video by clicking here.


Media Contact: Alanna Devine, 514-735-2711 ext 2245, or adevine@spca.com

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