Humane Education

Humane education fosters equitable relationships with animals, respect for the environment and caring relationships between humans. It aims to sharpen critical thinking and empathy, particularly in young people. Through targeted educational campaigns and public awareness-raising activities, the Humane Education team strives to create a better world for animals by encouraging empathy and compassion for all living beings on this planet.

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Our mission is rooted in the following concepts: 

Better understanding for better protection

By learning about different animal species and their specific needs, we can develop greater compassion for all.

Embracing our role as a catalyst for change

By recognizing our individual and collective responsibility to protect and care for animals, we’re able to identify the responsible attitudes and behaviours we must adopt to ensure their well-being.

Recognizing that everyone has a place

By acknowledging the importance of each species in their ecosystem and of each individual in their community, we promote the idea of a world where everyone’s needs are recognized and where space and resources are shared.

Fostering respect for diversity

Identifying the similarities and differences between species and viewing this diversity as worthy of respect and consideration.

Viewing animal protection as an inclusive social issue

Recognizing animal welfare and protection as a key social issue alongside the environment, diversity and inclusion.

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