Offer a temporary home to an animal

If you love animals but are unable to make a long-term commitment to an animal, fostering may be for you. By offering a foster home, you can take care of a cat, dog, rabbit, bird or other small animal for two weeks or more. Placing ill, vulnerable or special-needs animals into temporary homes allows us to provide them with specialized care in a comfortable environment. Over 75% of the animals that we place in foster care are cats, rabbits and small animals, and most of the dogs are large. You could take care of cats undergoing medical treatment, orphaned kittens, nursing mother cats and their kittens, or animals with minor injuries or who are stressed.

Learn more about our animals who are available

Some of the animals featured on our “Adoption” page would also benefit from staying in a temporary foster home. Look for the mention “Also available to foster” in their animal profile.

Your responsibilities

Fostering an animal means that you will host the animal entrusted to you at your home for at least a one-month period. If they are on treatment, you will need to give them their medication (in tablet or liquid form). We will also expect you to keep us informed of their health, bring them in to the Montreal SPCA for vaccinations and of course, provide them with love and affection! It is important to make sure that any animals you already have at home are up-to-date with their vaccines.

Our team will support you

When you foster an animal, the Montreal SPCA provides you with the required medication to give them, if applicable. You also have access to our veterinary services, by appointment.

Our staff is also at your disposal to answer any questions you may have and advise you.

How to begin fostering

Do you want to offer a temporary home to an animal? Just fill out the form below; we’ll take note of your information as soon as possible. Due to the large volume of applications, only people who meet the available animals’ needs will be contacted.