Investigations Division

Every year, the Montreal SPCA’s Investigations Division receives thousands of complaints and reports.

In 2023, our Investigations Division:

  • Processed over 8,000 inquiries. 
  • Opened 1,437 operational files. 
  • Removed 191 animals from their environment. 
  • Visited 3,707 animals of various species. 
  • Resolved 12 cases that ended with court charges and led several other ongoing cases. Among the cases we helped close, an animal owner was sentenced to 16 months of prison on criminal charges and banned for life from owning animals. This is one of the most severe animal-cruelty charges coming out of Quebec courts. 


Montreal SPCA animal protection officers are charged with enforcing:

— The provisions of the Criminal Code dealing with crimes against animals

— Quebec’s provincial animal welfare legislation, namely the Animal Welfare and Safety Act and the Regulation respecting the welfare and safety of domestic companion animals and equines

The territory covered by the animal protection officers includes the Island of Montreal, Laval and part of Montérégie, Lanaudière, the Laurentians, Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec.




If you witness animal abuse, please report it!

Please complete the form below. In the event of an emergency, call (514) 735-2711, extension 2230. All complaints are treated confidentially.

For incidents outside of the territory covered by the Montreal SPCA’s Investigations Division:

Contact the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec: at 1-844-ANIMAUX (1-844-264-6289) or at centraledesignalement@mapaq.gouv.qc.ca. All complaints are treated confidentially.


Form to report an incident


What constitutes an infraction?
What happens during a visit by an animal protection officer?
What are the consequences of an infraction?

The Montreal SPCA recognizes the importance of impartiality and the absence of conflicts of interest in all actions or interventions carried out in the course of its law enforcement activities. Our organizational structure, our management methods and the relationship between our investigations division and our other services allow us to maintain the impartiality necessary to our law enforcement activities.

To make a complaint regarding the work of a Montreal SPCA animal protection officer, please write to plainteinspection@spca.com or communicate directly with the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec by filling out this form. All complaints are treated confidentially.