Annual reports

2016 Annual Report

The year 2016 was marked by the adoption of Montreal’s breed-specific legislation (BSL) and the battle led by the Montreal SPCA and its allies to invalidate it. With the success of its campaign Safer Kinder Communities – which has collected over 58,000 signatures – its legal proceedings and informational events explaining the effects of a breed ban to the public, the SPCA did not go unnoticed.

Thank you for your generosity

In 2016, 30,152 individual donors and 345 charitable organizations and companies lent a helping hand. Our monthly donation program “Paw Partner” continues to be a success, with 4,200 monthly donors.

The SPCA is fortunate to be able to count on 350 volunteers who assist the shelter seven days a week throughout the year, and is also grateful to its Board of Directors for their wonderful support and guidance.


  • The third edition of the annual Beasts of Fashion gala raised more than $191,000.
  • The sixth edition of the annual AnimaPlus Snout & About walk raised $56,625.

Animal Care

We treated and cared for over 16,000 animals, many of whom had been abused, neglected, lost or injured. We also sterilized 1,059 feral cats through our trap, neuter, release and maintain (TNRM) program.

Animal Advocacy

This year again, the SPCA encouraged the public to participate in its action-oriented Make Fur History campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the plight of animals in the commercial fur trade.

The SPCA continued its Cut the Chain campaign aimed at banning the permanent chaining of dogs in Quebec. Over 30,000 people participated by sending letters to the MAPAQ.


In 2016, the Montreal SPCA’s Investigations and Inspections Department received over 10,000 complaints and reports, and investigated situations involving 18,213 animals, all species combined. A total of 194 animals were seized following these investigations, and several cases resulted in criminal or penal prosecutions.



  1. We welcomed over 30 dogs rescued from slaughter at the Yulin dog meat festival in China by Humane Society International (HSI)/Canada.

  2. The Montreal SPCA introduced its new Compassion blog, which is a gold mine of information about animals and the different ways to protect them on a daily basis.

  3. The Kind Foods cookbook benefiting the Montreal SPCA was launched. Following the success of this first edition, the SPCA released Saveurs véganes in 2017.