Supporting the Community

Animals are a great source of joy and comfort for the humans who share their lives.

But certain challenges sometimes force animal guardians to ask for help in caring for their companions. That’s why the Montreal SPCA offers a range of programs to provide temporary support and prevent avoidable surrenders.

Special shelter for animals

The Montreal SPCA works closely with community organizations to provide temporary shelter for the animals of people experiencing precarious situations. Whether settling into life in a new country, reintegrating society or fleeing domestic violence, these people need help taking care of their animal until their situation becomes more stable.

Since 2022, 155 animals and their families have reaped the benefits of this program.

Do you work at a social services organization and would like more information? Email us at hs@spca.com.

Note: Only social services workers can submit applications for assistance under our Special Shelter Program. Individuals going through hard times cannot request these services directly.

Pet food bank

Since launching its Pet Food Bank Program in 2022, the Montreal SPCA has redistributed over 10 tonnes of food to animals in need. This food comes from our retail partners, as well as donations from the public.
Community organizations and food banks can enrol in this program to offer pet food to people who visit their centres. Individuals in difficulty can also receive direct assistance. 

If you know someone who is thinking of giving up their companion animal because they can no longer afford to feed them, please get in touch with our pet food bank. 

For more information: dons@spca.com.

Animal-friendly community centres

Community centres and shelters that allow animals can receive free training to smooth the cohabitation of people and animals and prevent incidents. This training is offered by animal behaviour specialists and is intended for centre staff and their clients. 

For more information: hs@spca.com.

How to begin fostering

If you’d like to help someone get back on their feet (and know their companion is in a safe home while they do), please consider becoming a foster family for an animal in our Special Shelter Program. 

Fill out the form below and check the option “Temporarily take in an animal to help someone going through a difficult situation”.