Animal Advocacy

Giving animals a voice

Guided by humane ethics, the Montreal SPCA’s mission consists of protecting animals from neglect, abuse and exploitation; representing their interests and ensuring their well-being; and last but not least, raising public awareness and helping develop compassion for all sentient beings.

In Quebec, more than 5 million male chicks are killed each year.

Sign the petition asking the Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec to put an end to the needless carnage of millions of sentient beings.

6 Sled Dogs Rescued Before the Holidays

Recently rescued by one of our animal protection officers, Black, Galy, Agassi, John, Federer and Blacky have worked all their lives as sled dogs. Aft...

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Take these three actions to protect laboratory animals

There are ways that you can help end the suffering of animals in laboratory and research facilities, like ITR.

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Animal Wrongs: Montreal SPCA’s Powerful Campaign

Montreal, August 6th 2018 – Today, in the lead-up to the provincial electoral campaign, the Montreal SPCA is launching its campaign Animal Wrongs to d...

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MAKE FUR HISTORY | The hidden suffering behind fur trim

Behind every item made with fur, there is animal suffering and death. I have seen it with my own eyes. I have been on a fur farm in Quebec and have se...

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Make yourself heard!


Each year, more than 2.5 million mink and foxes are raised and killed on commercial fur farms in Canada alone. Learn how you can take action now.


Let’s come together and demand that the government of Quebec regulate the treatment of farm animals to put an end to this abuse.


The Montreal SPCA is inviting the public to join it in urging the Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec (OMVQ) to ban declawing of cats.