Get involved : Defend the Animals

More than a Shelter

By donating, you help us raise public awareness and strengthen laws protecting animals of all species. More than a shelter, the Montreal SPCA is the leading animal protection organization in Quebec. Support our mission and, together, lets make the world a better place for animals. 

Issues our team has been working on, thanks to your support:  

Banning gas chambers, declawing and elective surgeries for companion animal ;

— Allowing leashed dogs in public transit (Montreal) ;

— Campaigning to ban no-pet clauses in residential leases ;

Challenging the deer cull in Longueuil’s Michel-Chartrand park ;

— Organizing the very first electoral debates on animal protection during the municipal, provincial and federal election campaigns.

Watch a Year in Review video of the Montreal SPCA’s animal advocacy work in 2022 (in French)