Board of Directors

The main tasks of the Montreal SPCA’s Board of Directors are to plan and guide the organization’s policies and to make strategic decisions aimed at achieving its goals and objectives. Ultimately, the Board answers for the SPCA’s organizational and financial soundness to the community it serves. Elected by the members of the Montreal SPCA, the Board consists of seven volunteers with a variety of backgrounds in terms of both professional expertise and personal interests. To contact the Board, please write to ca@spca.com.

The Montreal SPCA’s Board Members must:

  • Have a sincere interest in the organization’s work
  • Be able to carry out their responsibilities and achieve the organization’s objectives
  • Represent the diversity of the organization’s constituents and the community it serves
  • Represent the organization’s various areas of operation
  • Be fiscally responsible to the organization and the community
The current Board members are:
  • William Awad
  • Isabelle Brodeur
  • Marie Robichaud
  • Lucy Modesti, secretary
  • Samira Sakhia, chair
  • Marie-Claude St-Amant
  • Mark-André Saucier-Nadeau, treasurer