Sterilization Clinic

Spay and neuter: it’s the caring option

The Mittens-Montreal SPCA Targeted Permanent Sterilization Clinic, supervised by head veterinarian Dr. Gabrielle Carrière, was founded by the Montreal SPCA in March 2015 thanks to a generous anonymous donor. This clinic’s name is a tribute to the donor’s beloved cat Mittens. The medical equipment was donated in memory of Fluffster, her other adored cat.

This clinic’s mission is to help counter the animal overpopulation in Quebec by offering discounted sterilization services to animal guardians with limited financial resources. The clinic has received all the necessary authorizations for its operation from the Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec (OMVQ).

Mittens et Fluffster

Mittens and Fluffster

Benefits of sterilization

For females

For female cats and dogs alike, sterilization reduces the risk of tumors in the mammary glands, as well as ovarian and uterine cancers. It also eliminates the problem of pyometritis (uterine infection), which is common in unsterilized females. It furthermore prevents menstrual bleeding in dogs (every six months), excessive vocalization in cats, as well as agitation and sometimes unwanted behaviour associated with heats.

For males

For male dogs, sterilization eliminates the risk of prostate problems and testicular cancer and reduces the marking of territory. For cats, it also decreases marking and the strong smell of urine associated with it, all while reducing the risk of conflicts between cats.


Here are three ways to have your animal sterilized:

Choose the one that best suits your situation.

  1. Verify your eligibility for the SPCA’s clinic by filling out the form below.*

  2. To apply for a free sterilization offered by the City of Montreal, submit this form to the Spay/Neuter Program for Low-Income Households at animaux@ville.montreal.qc.ca.

  3. Contact your usual veterinary clinic or find a clinic near you.


*Until further notice, we are suspending new appointments in the Mittens-Montreal SPCA Targeted Permanent Sterilization Clinic, supervised by Chief Veterinarian Gabrielle Carrière. Requests that have already been sent in will be processed within the provided timeframe.

Thank you for your much appreciated cooperation!