On August 10th 2022, Quebec’s Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ) adopted new regulation on the welfare of companion animals and equines. The Montreal SPCA is enthusiastic about several aspects that are truly major advances for animals and reflect the recommendations we have been making for many years. Here are these steps forward: 

  • Use of gas chambers: prohibited! 
  • Declawing and other non-therapeutic surgeries: prohibited! 
  • Use of the prong collar on dogs: prohibited!
  • Enhanced oversight of breeding, aiming in particular to eradicate large-scale intensive operations, including: a limit of 50 cats or dogs kept on the same premises or by the same person (a measure that unfortunately does not apply to breeding facilities currently under permit), a maximum number of litters per year  and a minimum age for breeding 
  • New species-specific psychological welfare requirements and the extension of detailed standards of care to other species (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and companion pigs). 

Hoorah to all who signed the letter urging the MAPAQ to adopt these better animal welfare practices! Your actions count and the animals thank you for joining in our campaigns! 

However, there are also MAJOR omissions from this regulation. Here is what we deplore: 

  • Tethering of dogs: it is still legal to keep a dog chained up for most of their life 
  • Lessened protection of cats and dogs used in scientific research 
  • Dogs and cats in large-scale breeding operations with more than 50 animals already in operation as their breeders will be allowed to continue their activities despite the new regulation.

Follow our social media! As the provincial election campaigns get underway, we will be suggesting more actions to ensure better protection of the animals who are still vulnerable. 

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