Reaching out during a difficult time

What if by donating for animals today, you could also help vulnerable humans?

With inflation directly affecting the most vulnerable and with the harsh winter we have just gone through, the community outreach programs brought to life by the Montreal SPCA provide support to those who need it most and provide a lifeline in times of need. Without your valuable contribution, none of this would be possible.

By donating today, you will be helping other animals like Chubby, Shadow and their brave person. 

Chubby and her brother, Shadow, were taken in by the shelter in February, to help their homeless human while she looked for a suitable home. This brave woman returned a little over a week later, accompanied by a social worker, and made the heartbreaking decision to permanently place Chubby with the SPCA to find him a new forever home.

Her situation prevented her from caring for two dogs at once. The SPCA staff assured her that Chubby was in good hands and provided neutering for Shadow at no cost through our low-income Mittens SPCA Targeted Permanent Sterilization Clinic.  


* It is important to note that the special shelter program is only available through specialized organizations and social workers.