The Montreal SPCA is concerned that false information related to dog aggression will result in the adoption of ineffective and discriminatory legislation

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Montreal, June 24 2016 – The Montreal SPCA shares citizens’ concerns and recognizes that canine aggression represents a serious threat to public safety. This issue must be addressed in order to ensure for safe communities in which humans and dogs co-exist and enrich each other’s lives. However, studies show – and experts agree – that banning dogs of a certain breed or who display certain physical characteristics does not reduce the risk, nor the severity of dog bites, and thus is ineffective in increasing public safety.

The Montreal SPCA believes that the most effective way to tackle the issue of dangerous dogs is for humane societies, municipalities, and experts in canine behavior to work together on multi-faceted strategies that target aggressive dogs of all breeds, with a strong emphasis on prevention. Effective dangerous dog legislation must be breed neutral and include preventative measures focusing on the root causes of canine aggression and owner responsibility, as well as remedial measures to deal with aggressive dogs based on their actual behavior.

The Montreal SPCA firmly opposes the enactment of breed specific legislation (BSL) as a means of addressing the issue of dangerous dogs. Peer reviewed studies and veterinarians agree that BSL does not have any scientific basis and is ineffective in enhancing public safety. BSL also comes at high social and financial price: it punishes responsible dog owners, results in the killing of thousands of healthy and behaviourally sound animals, and is extremely costly to enforce, removing precious resources from other programs.

The Montreal SPCA is actively offering its services and expertise to the province, to cities, and to municipalities across Quebec in order to assist governments in dealing with the issue of dangerous dogs using an evidence-based strategy that will truly enhance the safety of our communities rather than providing a false sense of security.


Media contact: Anita Kapuscinska, Media Relations Coordinator, Montreal SPCA, 514 656-2760, or anitak@spca.com.

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