make_fur_history_1080x1080_5The Montreal SPCA, in partnership with the Association for the Protection of Fur Bearing Animals (APFA) and LUSH Cosmetics are launching today their new campaign ‘‘Make Fur History’’, which aims to raise awareness of the plight of animals in the commercial fur trade.

In addition to exposing the suffering of animals on fur farms and providing educational materials aimed at raising consumer awareness via its website, the #makefurhistory campaign is action-oriented and interactive.

Here are the ways YOU can make a difference:

1. Take the fur-free pledge at, share it with family and friends, and upload inspiring photos to social media sites using the #makefurhistory hashtag.
2. Visit a LUSH store and purchase a Charity Pot to support the #makefurhistory campaign. If you happen to own fur, ditch it by dropping it off at any LUSH store in exchange for a cruelty-free product of your choice. Your fur item will then be donated to a wildlife rehabilitation center.
3. Go to to send a letter to retailers, asking them to #makefurhistory by going fur-free. And to send a letter to the federal Minister of Agriculture, Gerry Ritz, requesting that fur farming be banned in Canada. Go to and write to one of these major retailers (Canada and USA) and tell them you want them to take their stores fur-free and help #MakeFurHistory!
4. Go to to learn more about the fur industry and additional ways you can get involved in the campaign.

Together, Canadians can put an end to this inherently inhumane industry. Together, we can Make Fur History!


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