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Spotlight on the exotic animals!

Did you know that the Montreal SPCA offers for adoption, in addition to dogs and cats, a wide variety of animals? The department is known as the “exotic animals” and we welcome in particular: rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, gerbils, mices, ferrets, hedgehogs, chinchillas, turtles and many species of birds. We are one of the few shelters in the greater Montreal area to accept stray or abandoned exotic animals.

The department of exotic animals is run entirely by volunteers. This team takes care of everything including: feeding, cleaning and maintenance, care, exercise, counseling, foster and adoption homes. In 2012 only, they were able to place a total of 651 exotic animals. Our friends are very fortunate to have these volunteers who work very hard to ensure their well-being. It’s thanks to them that they have a second chance! The Montreal SPCA wishes to thank each and every one warmly because, as all of our volunteers, they are dedicated to our mission.

Exotic animals, like any pet, require a long-term commitment. We want to raise awarness so the public can make the necessary inquiries beforehand regarding the different kinds of care and responsibilities required for these animals. For example, each year, many people buy a rabbit during the Easter period and then abandon him/her shortly after.

If you cannot invest yourself over a long period, you can choose to become a foster family. Some animals arrive sick, injured or in need of special treatments and the environment of a shelter is unfortunately a major source of stress, particularly for the most vulnerable animals. That’s why we appeal to foster families to accommodate them temporarily. These days, we are mainly looking for families for our rabbits, because we are now hosting over a hundred. A foster family can help socialize the younger and more stressed ones, as well as provide a better environment for the adult rabbits while waiting for their loving forever home. If you are interested or for more information, please contact Martine Allard by email:

Please note that all adoptions of exotic animals are by appointment only. You must first send an email to Martine Allard to schedule an appointment and so that your application can be processed.

For more information, please visit the SPCA website or check out the Exotic Animals Montreal SPCA Facebook page. You can also view the list of animals up for adoption on the Montreal Petfinder website.


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