Letter from the Montreal SPCA’s Administraion

ChicaSPCAMTLDear Citizens of Montreal,

On Saturday June 18th, the Montreal SPCA learned, along with the rest of the millions of animal lovers in Montreal, of the City’s unfortunate plan to institute a ban on certain breeds starting in September.

We want our donors, supporters and other animal lovers in Montreal to know that the Montreal SPCA will not accept this, will fight this tirelessly, and will call upon our every resource to replace a breed ban with a fair and effective dangerous dog by-law, instead.

Breed-specific legislation simply does not work.  It is a knee-jerk reaction to a problem much better addressed by aggressive dog ordinances.  Other communities throughout North America have found out the bitter truth about breed-specific legislation; they are unfair, they are expensive, are largely unenforceable, and – most importantly – they just don’t work to reduce dog bites.

The Montreal SPCA will commit our financial and legal resources to delivering what Montreal citizens deserve: an efficient and effective regulation that addresses the root causes of dog aggression.  We cannot afford, and nor should our animals suffer or die for, a plan that has been a proven failure.

- Nicholas Gilman, Executive Director


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