18 cats and 1 dog from Quebec’s Abitibi region

Since January 1, more than 1,000 animals have been rescued, including 18 cats and 1 dog from Quebec’s Abitibi region. Your support is crucial!

Two Montreal SPCA employees volunteered more than 13 hours to bring 18 cats and 1 dog from Abitibi to Montréal. Faced with animal overpopulation problems, but also a severe lack of veterinarians and animal behaviourists, the Abitibi-Ouest SPCA and the Val d’Or SPCA were relieved to get a little help. Especially since the animals had been in their shelters for months and so will soon enjoy a better life under our care.

If you can, please make a donation right now that will have a major impact on the care we can offer animals in need. Give for the animals.

2021 is off to a good start, marked by mutual aid

Given the lack of resources in Abitibi, several of the animals the Montreal SPCA rescued had significant medical and behavioral problems. This is particularly the case with Félix, who has already benefited from our team’s expertise and received tons of love since his arrival at the shelter.

Just one year old, Félix was in dire need of veterinary care. He had many skin wounds and so many fractures we were forced to amputate a part of his tail. Today, Félix has regained his zest for life and found a forever home, after recovering with a foster family.

Your support allows us to rescue animals in difficulty and achieve the impossible for the well-being of the most vulnerable. No matter the amount, your donation will help us continue to save and transform lives, and we truly appreciate it.

Help animals in need

Between January 1 and February 24, we have already rescued 749 cats, 9 pigeons, 150 dogs, 57 rabbits, 1 duck and 1 snake. Thanks to you, we are able care for all these different species!

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