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Although October is drawing to an end, and with it Animal Health Technician Month, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of our passionate professionals, who make a true difference in the lives of the animals at the SPCA. Thanks to out animal health technicians, our veterinarians’ workload is lightened and animals get faster treatment. Find out who these caregivers are and why they dedicate their lives to the health of the most vulnerable animals.

Upon arrival at the shelter, animals are seen by an animal health technician who immediately assesses their health. Our workers quickly develop trust with the animals, who are sometimes frightened or injured. One of our technicians, Kelly, reports that every experience is rewarding: “Helping to rehabilitate an animal, from arrival at the shelter up to adoption (or claim in the case of lost animals) makes me so happy!”

An animal health technician for 25 years, Melanie has worked at the Montreal SPCA since 2014. Like Kelly, she feels her work makes a real difference in the lives of the animals she meets and takes care of. Thanks to her composure in stressful situations that call for quick action, Melanie is an exceptional ally. “What makes working in a shelter so rewarding is being able to help animals of different species, without discrimination,” she says.

Micheline has worked with us as an animal health technician for over 28 years. Every day, she prepares medication and administers it to injured or sick animals around the shelter. She also checks on their conditions and notes any changes in their health and behaviour. Her gentle, calm and boundless compassion make her an indispensable player.

In addition to administering the treatments veterinarians prescribe, our animal health technicians also prep surgeries, carry out detarteting and conduct routine post-arrival exams, blood tests and diagnostic tests. They also assist exams and surgeries. Thanks to our technicians, all animals receive the very best care.

Our team of 24 animal health technicians and 10 veterinarians form a family who truly cares about animal health. At our side during surgery or exams, the technicians are crucial to our work. I want to thank them wholeheartedly for all the love, compassion and time they give for animal welfare.” —Dr. Gabrielle Carrière, Head Veterinarian

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To welcome and care for hundreds of animals each month, the Montreal SPCA depends on donations from individuals. Whether newborn or of venerable age, lost, neglected or abused, sick, injured or at end of life, every animal receives the care and attention they deserve and need. Please, help us pursue our mission by making a one-time donation or by signing up for monthly giving.

To follow our teams on a daily basis, head over to @spcamontreal on Instagram. There, we share behind-the-scenes pictures of our work at the shelter.

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