A fairy tale comes true for Jagger

At the Montreal SPCA, we work really hard to find the perfect home for each animal staying with us. No exceptions!

Jagger’s story was far from a happy one at the beginning. Left alone in an apartment for several days, poor Jagger was scared and thirsty by the time he was found and brought to the Montreal SPCA. He was very anxious when he arrived at the shelter. He had a hard time trusting certain humans and controlling his excitement with other people. Yet this affectional dog quickly realized that our team just wanted to help him, and he turned out to be craving affection!

We wanted to find our playful yet cheeky big guy an experienced and loving forever family. When looking for the perfect home for our protégés, we take the time to get to know each and every one of them. We assess their behaviour, our volunteers walk them every day and some dogs even get to go on special outings!

Since we knew Jagger well, we quickly spotted the family who would be an ideal match for him when they came to the shelter to adopt… a different dog. Believe it or not!

We convinced the family to take Jagger home as a foster, to help him get past some bad habits. And that’s when Jagger’s story turned into a fairy tale. He was only expected to stay a few weeks in the home, but his family fell in love with him and decided to officially adopt him! Jagger found his forever home!

Mission accomplished!
As we were hoping, the match was perfect. Jagger is now calm when he’s home alone, he doesn’t nibble when his leash goes on and he loves going for car rides with his new family.

This kind of story confirms that our rigorous adoption process, along with the energy we put into getting to know our protégés, is the best formula for ensuring that each and every animal will find a home that meets their individual needs!

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