A loving home for the holidays

A loving home for the holidays

Abandoned on November 27 at the Montreal SPCA, Yama had a huge mass and swelling under his chin. Like this seven-year-old male dog, thousands of animals find refuge with us every year, and many need urgent care. At this start of the holiday season, give them the very best present: make a donation that will be doubled.

Treatment for Yama, day in and day out

This sweet little dog came to the shelter because, sadly, his guardian could not afford veterinary care. We took him in to treat the mass and swelling that was causing him so much pain. Since it was large and very firm, we biopsied to make sure it wasn’t a tumour. Fortunately, the lab test came back negative, suggesting a bacterial infection instead. But the abscess—9 cm long, 5 cm wide and 4 cm thick—required daily attention. Luckily, Yama is a very gentle dog who loves cuddles and human contact. This makes his treatment much easier!
With hydrotherapy and antibiotics, his abscess shrank and so, a few days ago, Yama was placed with a loving foster family, who will watch over him and offer him a loving home for the holidays.

The Montreal SPCA depends mainly on donations from the public to take in and care for hundreds of animals each month. In this festive time of the year, please don’t forget to give a present to animals like Yama. Each donation will be worth double, and help us make sure each and every animal who comes to the shelter in 2021 receives everything they need to give them a second chance in life.
Heartfelt thanks from us all and we wish you very happy holidays!

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