Arrival of 35 cats in appalling condition

Last Tuesday evening, 35 cats crammed into plastic bins and animal carriers were dropped off at the Montreal SPCA. They were in appalling condition.
All were caked in urine and feces and covered in fleas. Many showed signs of respiratory and digestive disease and several had broken teeth. One even had a stone in his bladder. They and so many other animals who show up at our doorstep require costly treatment and care.

Please, help us give vulnerable animals the quality care they deserve, so they can find loving adoptive families soon. 

Here’s how your donation will help cats

$20 provides basic vaccines for one cat
$45 covers three days of room and board for one cat
$75 allows us to sterilize one cat
$150 pays for the extraction of a tooth


You give these poor cats the care, love and comfort they need. We are extremely grateful, since your support is crucial and is what allows us to carry out our work with the most vulnerable animals. Thank you!

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