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Bill C-275: An Ag Gag Bill Strongly Opposed by the Montreal SPCA

Federal bill could impose stiff penalties on whistleblowers who report animal abuse on farms 

Montréal, October 19, 2023 — The Montreal SPCA is deeply concerned by Bill C-275, An Act to amend the Health of Animals Act (biosecurity on farms), which is now headed for the crucial stage of Third Reading in the House of Commons and will soon come up for a final vote by members of Parliament. While Canada already fails to adequately regulate the welfare of animals raised for food, this bill could now severely restrict the possibility of reporting cases of animal abuse and expose those trying to reveal and document mistreatment to harsh penalties.

“The situation is particularly worrisome given the legal void surrounding the protection of farmed animals,” states Erin Martellani, campaign manager for Animal Advocacy. “At a time when concerned citizens are demanding greater transparency and accountability, such a bill would give an already opaque, self-regulated industry the latitude to operate in secrecy.”

The Montreal SPCA deplores the fact that, despite its title, Bill C-275 does not address any of the real threats to biosecurity on farms, namely, the absence of mandatory biosecurity regulations and poor adherence to biosecurity protocols—all outbreak causes that have been identified and documented.

“Under the guise of ensuring biosecurity on farms, Bill C-275 specifically targets journalists and whistleblowers who try to document cases of abuse. However, data from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is clear on this subject: no outbreaks on Canadian farms have been linked to the presence of whistleblowers” concludes Ms Martellani.

The Montreal SPCA invites concerned citizens to sign a letter that will be sent to their federal representatives to express their opposition to this bill and to demand greater transparency and government oversight in this industry.


Source: Montreal SPCA

Montreal SPCA public relations officer: Élodie Létourneau-Venne, Public Relations Account Manager, tök communications, 514-247-0526, elodie@tokcommunications.ca

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