How to Keep Your Cat Busy

Do you feel that your cat is bored or gaining too much weight? Even if your cat stays indoor, you can make their life more exciting in many ways, so that they can be happy and lead a balanced life.

First, remember that in nature, cats spend most of their time looking for food. Suggestion: make your cat’s living environment stimulating and enriching so that they can be happy and lead a balanced life.

Did you know?
Cats are mainly nocturnal animals, so it is important to offer activities during the day so that they are more likely to sleep at night.

Six games for kitty

In addition to getting your cat moving, the activities described below will require them to eat more slowly, which will promote good digestion and help maintain a healthy weight. As meals are among your cat’s favorite times of day, why not extend them and make them more fun without having to feed your cat more food? This is what you can do with the games below!

Interactive bowl
Do you have a shoebox and empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls? Cut the rolls so that they are not all the same length and then glue them vertically (standing upright) in the box. Use a non-toxic glue and let it dry before hiding kibble in the rolls. Your cat will love discovering surprises by sliding their paws into the “pipes”!

Cat piñata
Insert kibble in an empty container (eg, toilet paper roll). Make sure your cat does not eat the cardboard and that all openings are secured.

Supervise your cat when they play with objects so that they do not ingest any inedible materials.

Six ideas to enrich your cat’s life

By enriching your cat’s living environment, you will offer them a safe environment where they can express their natural behaviours, without ever having to put a paw outside the house!

1. Heights and hiding places
For your cat to feel safe, provide them with heights and hiding places. Cats love to climb, hide and observe from different points of views. Secure shelving by firmly fastening the shelves to the wall, get multi-level cat trees, and offer cardboard boxes.

2. Fresh catnip
In addition to being an attractive addition to your living space, fresh catnip is great for cats and promotes digestion. Cats naturally eat grass outdoors; this regulates their digestive system. Choose catnip grown without fertilizer or pesticides and ensure that your cat does not have access to other plants in the house, which could be toxic to them.

3. Scratch station
If you want to offer your feline friend the equivalent of a day at the spa, offer them a scratch pad! Surfaced with different textures and a variety of brushes, it allows the cat to self-massage and relax. To increase your cat’s enjoyment, sprinkle the structure with catnip.

4. Classical music
It is proven – classical music is very relaxing for cats, unlike other music genres that could stress them. It even allows the animal to recover more quickly after a stressful visit to the veterinarian.

5. Windows
Just as we like to spend time in front of the television, cats love to looking out the window! Facilitate access to the windows so that they can observe what is happening outside, such as the comings and goings of birds and squirrels.

6. Sunshine
Cats love to nap in the sun, so be sure to open your blinds and curtains before leaving for the day!

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