Chibo, our top model

Together, we’re rewriting their stories!

The year is drawing to a close. Once again in 2023, thanks to you, the Montreal SPCA has risen to the challenge of welcoming, caring for and protecting hundreds of animals—an average of 1,212 per month!

We often tell stories about surrendered or sick animals. That’s all part of our daily life here at the shelter. Our team leverages their expertise to soothe the stressed animals, provide them with any needed treatment and make them as comfortable as possible, before finding them a new and suitable home as quickly as possible.

It is as much to honour our teams’ work as to warm your hearts that we’ve created this 2024 calendar. It will tell you 12 of the heartwarming and inspiring adoption stories that our staff and the animals of the Montreal SPCA experienced firsthand. 

Several cats, dogs, rabbits and even a guinea pig share the limelight in this brand-new calendar. After receiving all the care they needed, these animals were adopted by loving families who then kindly sent us news and updates of our furry friends. As the months go by, discover their stories. We’re sure it’ll make for a wonderful year! 

All the profits from the sale of this calendar will fund our activities and help other unfortunate animals find caring and responsible homes. 

On the front page, here’s Chibo, our top model

Chibo was entrusted to us by her family, who was unable to meet the demands of such an energetic puppy. This vigorous but anxious young dog had so many needs! Our specialists selected a family who could provide him with the right living environment and Chibo is indeed blossoming in hey new home! Combined with the efforts of our team and Chibo’s new family, the support of generous people like you has really paid off! 

We want you to know that you are part of every one of these stories and that these happy endings would not have been possible without your invaluable support.

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