Complete renovation of our kennels

To better meet the needs of the dogs we take in, we recently began the complete renovation of our kennels. Inspired by best practices and the most recent knowledge in animal welfare, our new facilities are designed to minimize the stress shelter dogs experience and increase their comfort.

Last February, we kicked off the process by overhauling our long-stay kennel, followed by our adoption room in September. All our dogs are now housed in state-of-the-art facilities that are low-noise and size-adaptable, with no bars.

The redesign of our facilities (where we welcome over 1,000 dogs each year) was made possible through the amazing support of our donors and the Bryant-Mapes Fund for the Care of Dogs. Thank you so much for your incredible generosity!


Today, we are very pleased to show you the adoption room after its complete renovation. The dogs are much more relaxed and the various areas are better adapted to their needs. They are most grateful!

This is the long-stay kennel, which was also completely renovated. This facility is used for dogs that need shelter for an extended period before being adopted, maybe because they need to get back in shape or recover after surgery.

Next step
To finish our “make-over,” we will also be renovating the intake kennels, which house newly admitted or stray dogs. We hope to launch this last part of our renovations in spring 2020.

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