72 hours in a life of a dog at the Montreal SPCA

Thanks to donations, when an abandoned dog arrives at the shelter, her life will change completely within 72 hours, even though the dog doesn’t know it yet. Read on to find out how.

1- First, our veterinarians examine the dog for injuries or physical signs of abuse or neglect. ($35)

2- We then feed and wash the dog and get her settled in an appropriately sized kennel that’s big enough to stretch her legs and be comfortable. ($45)

3- We evaluate the dog’s behaviour and personality so we can find the perfect home. ($25)

4- The dog is vaccinated for common illnesses, including rabies, and is also dewormed. ($20)

5- The dog then gets microchipped so her new guardians can find her if ever she gets lost. ($45)

6- And if the dog isn’t sterilized, we perform the operation to reduce animal overpopulation. ($105 to $205, depending on the dog’s size and sex)

7- LASTLY, the final but most important step, the dog is put up for adoption!

Total costs for one dog:
$275 to $375 for three days of care

All that happens within 72 short hours! Our team is not only efficient and effective; we know that every minute counts for each new protegé that comes to us. The faster an animal is adopted into a good home, the faster she will be able to adapt to a new life. And the quicker we’ll be able to give a second chance to another animal!


This is the cost we can expect in an ideal situation, with a healthy dog who adapts well and can be put up for adoption right away. But as you can imagine, that’s not always the case. Some dogs need more care and training. Some come to us injured, sick and requiring medical attention or surgery that might cost thousands of dollars.

Thank you for giving all these dogs a second chance. Thank you for giving us the means to respond to this emergency, 72 hours at a time!

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