Donate for Rescued Animals

Earlier this week, as part of a special rescue operation, we received 21 cats from shelters needing to urgently evacuate the Nord-du-Quebec region where massive forest fires are still burning. Despite the late hour, our animal welfare, veterinary clinic, reception and patrol teams took part in the operation.

Although our occupancy rate is already high at the shelter, it was unthinkable not to reach out to our northern counterparts who are facing an unprecedented situation: unbreathable, smoke-filled air, fire lapping at their buildings and evacuated families in desperate need of help with their furry companions.

This operation was the first of several more to come. To help the forest fire victims, we want to take in even more animals. But we can’t do it without your help. As Quebec grapples with this natural disaster, we need kind-hearted people like you to help the furry, feathered and scaly creatures who are also very distressed right now.

Half of the funds raised through this campaign will be sent directly to the shelters in northern Quebec. These organizations are doing their very best in the heat of the action to help the animals of evacuated residents.