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We genuinely believe that people who love cats and dogs don’t want to harm animals who are exploited for fashion, food and entertainment. In order to help educate people as to how they can make choices to help live a cruelty-free lifestyle, we launched a blog called Compassion, which has gained much popularity over the past few months. As its name suggests, Compassion covers a broad range of topics; advice on purchasing cruelty-free cosmetics, tasty plant-based recipes and heartfelt stories from SPCA staff and volunteers about the work that they do at the organisation.

We also recently published a vegan cookbook, Kind Food! Kind Food has dozens of delicious plant-based recipes that will help people take steps in their lives that will positively affect animals – by reducing or eliminating animal products from their diet.



Me Alanna Devine B.A., B.C.L., LL.B.-  Director of Animal Advocacy

Me Alanna Devine is a member of the Quebec and Ontario bar. She has worked at the Montreal SPCA for over nine years. Before the SPCA, Alanna clerked at the Supreme Court of Canada and obtained degrees in civil and common law from the McGill University Faculty of Law after completing a bachelor’s degree in Criminology. As Director of Animal Advocacy, she oversees the Investigations and Inspections Department, the Advocacy Department and works primarily on improving the protection of animals on a municipal, provincial and federal level as well as leading awareness campaigns on important animal issues. Alanna is also an avid vegan baker and has adopted a blind dog from the SPCA. (© Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals)

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