Found in a cardboard box

Mid-March. We got a call from a family who had found a cardboard box in front of their garage. Inside, there were six tiny kittens but no mother. No one knew where they came from. About three weeks old, the babies were still unweaned. We immediately took them in and examined them to make sure they were safe and healthy.

While upsetting, this is a commonplace event at the Montreal SPCA, where whole litters are dropped off every week over the spring and summer months. This is why we do everything we can to make sure orphaned kittens, like Fred, George and their four siblings, receive loving care.

Constant care

Orphaned kittens need constant attention: during their first weeks of life, they must be kept warm and hand-fed, one by one, every three hours. To help us provide this care, we created the Mary Phelan Neonatal Program to train foster families and provide them with all the necessary materials for these cute little fur balls.

Fred, George and their siblings benefited from all the TLC an experienced foster family had to offer. The family had to meet these two kittens’ needs and help them put on weight.

Our team was never far away, always ready to offer support and advice. Since he was more difficult to feed, George was gaining less weight than his brother and also had difficulty eliminating his stool. Our program manager provided the foster family with a few tips, like applying warm compresses to stimulate George’s transit, and she checked-in regularly about his progress. Gradually, George began eating on his own, following Fred who had been off the bottle for a while.

Two months after arriving at the Montreal SPCA in a cardboard box, and thanks to the loving care of their foster family, Fred and George were finally ready for adoption. These two playfully active brothers were proving to be inseparable. That’s why we made sure we found them a family willing to adopt them both. These two orange cats continue their fun dynamic in their new home.

As for their siblings, Brutus and Dixie were adopted by their foster families, while Lou and Bowie will soon be moving to a new home. Mission accomplished!

Orphaned kittens need your help

Your support is crucial. It enables us to continue to take in, care for and feed so many vulnerable little living beings. We are very grateful for your generosity—all the more so in these difficult times. Please make a donation today to save helpless babies.


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