Guard Dog Rental Company Faces Animal Neglect Charges

Charlie enjoying her new life to the fullest

Montreal, March 30th 2016 – Élevages S.A. inc., a guard dog rental company, is facing eight charges under Quebec’s animal welfare law. The charges stem from the seizure, by the Montreal SPCA, of three dogs belonging to Élevages S.A. inc. at a Montreal car dealership last spring.

Élevages S.A. inc. rents out guard dogs to various businesses on the island of Montreal, mainly car dealerships. The charges faced by the company relate to the dogs’ housing conditions and lack of veterinary care. Corey Lee Cudney, as associate of Élevages S.A. inc., has also been personally charged as the animals’ custodian.

Élevages S.A. inc. could face up to 96,000$ in fines. The company could also be barred from having ownership or custody of any animal during a certain period.

“The use of guard dogs for commercial security purposes is still a widespread practice in Quebec.” said Me Sophie Gaillard, lawyer for the Montreal SPCA’s Animal Advocacy Department. “These dogs typically spend their days enclosed in small sheds only to be released alone, at night, to roam in concrete yards, regardless of weather conditions. They are generally deprived of the opportunity to socialize with humans or other dogs, and they do not know the pleasure of going out for a walk”.

Charlie’s daily life before the Montreal SPCA’s intervention


Media contact: Anita Kapuscinska, Media Relations Coordinator, Montreal SPCA, 514-226-3932, or anitak@spca.com.

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For many years, the Montreal SPCA has been working hard with municipal, provincial and federal governments to improve animal protection laws. In 2015, our inspection service investigated 1,339 new complaints and conducted the inspection of 1,945 animals, all species combined. A total of 659 animals were seized as a result of these investigations and several criminal and penal charges were laid.

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