HOP to the Montreal SPCA to Meet Our Rabbits available for Adoption

Though the Montreal SPCA opposes the sale and breeding of exotic pets, the reality is that we receive nearly 250 rabbits per year. That’s why we want to remind everyone of the importance of adopting a pet from a shelter rather than buying one from a pet store or online. Adopting gives a healthy animal a second chance and a home, while also helping stop pet overpopulation.

Let’s demystify these extraordinary, yet misunderstood little companions 

  • Rabbits require a minimum of 4 hours per day of free time in a rabbit-proofed area.
  • Rabbits’ life expectancy exceeds 10 years.
  • Carrots can be dangerous for rabbits if given in excessive quantities.
  • Sterilized rabbits can be litter-trained.
  • Generally, larger rabbits are calmer.


The importance of mental and physical stimulation

Like any other animal, a small companion such as a rabbit is not a toy but a living being who has physiological and psychological needs that must be met. Did you know that most of the contents of your recycling box can become fascinating and stimulating toys for your little friend? An empty toilet paper roll can provide hours of fun!

It’s important to make sure that your rabbit has enough space to move and jump around. They need at least 4 hours of time to wander freely in a bunny-proofed area (cover your computer cables and other wires). Ideally, rabbits should be able to live cage-free in the house, just like cats.

Come meet the rabbits available for adoption at the Montreal SPCA

From Monday to Friday, 12pm to 7pm.
Montreal SPCA, 5215 Jean-Talon West, H4P 1X4, near metro Namur.


If you have questions about our rabbits, please contact us at exotique@spca.com.

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