Paralysed by Pain

Unable to move

Geisha, a 6-month-old kitten, came to us in a state of shock. Our first thought was that she must have been hit by a car. In great pain, Geisha’s whole body was shaking and she could barely move. She appeared to have suffered severe head trauma. We were very concerned, as important organs could have been affected and her state could have deteriorated rapidly. 

Our veterinary team quickly took x-rays that revealed fractures in Geisha’s pelvis and several of her paws. We had to work urgently! The kitten was sent immediately to the Centre Vétérinaire Laval for intensive care.

Once back at the SPCA, Geisha received the treatment and analgesia she needed for her condition to stabilize. A few days later, she was transferred back to the Centre Vétérinaire Laval where a specialized surgeon installed metal rods and a splint to allow her fractured paws to heal. A part of her femur was also amputated to keep her from experiencing life-long pain.

Several appointments at the Montreal SPCA were necessary to follow the progress her recovery. Geisha was also closely supervised by one of our animal health technicians, who even took the little kitten into her home.


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