Protecting all types of animals

Did you know that the Montreal SPCA receives over 15,000 abandoned or neglected animals every year? They include dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, reptiles, birds, chickens and even pigs and lambs.

All animals deserve our compassion, not only the ones we are used to seeing.

Here are some snapshots of some former residents who were saved by inspectors from the Montreal SPCA’s Investigations and Inspections Department. Adorable individuals beings who are now living a beautiful life in loving homes and sanctuaries adapted to their needs!montage_toutes_especes_ve


Marie-Noël Gingras

Marie-Noël Gingras works in the Department of Animal Advocacy at the Montreal SPCA. In the past few years, she has collaborated on numerous projects related to animal rights and welfare (the Vert et Fruité and Vegan Portraits blogs, the Montreal Vegan Festival), as well as collaborated with the Défi végane 21 jours book, published in spring 2016 (Éditions Trécarré). You can follow her on Facebook.

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