A Cat Victim Of A Serious Accident

Following a call we received at reception, our patrol team took to the streets to save Milly, a cat aged about one and a half. The poor kitten was in a terrible state, and her face was very swollen and bloody. Our patrol also discovered a kitten, only a few hours old, very weak at Milly’s side.

She was quickly taken care of by our veterinarian team, who took several x-rays. The results were disastrous: she had major fractures to her jaw and several broken teeth. The team concluded that she had either been hit by a car or had fallen from a great height. Her baby would have been born prematurely following the incident. 

Without specialized surgery, Milly would have been unable to eat, severely impacting her quality of life. An expert veterinarian was called as reinforcement to perform complex dental procedures and repair the cat’s jaw. The baby was quickly taken into the care of the Mary Phelan Neonatal Program to ensure her survival. 

Today, Milly and her baby are on the path to recovery thanks to the good care of our team, and thanks to their foster home—Milly is being looked after by one of our veterinarian technicians. 

Milly is an adorable cat who, even in great pain, sought cuddles by rubbing on our hands. Being unable to save the lives of animals like Milly and her baby for monetary reasons is unthinkable. Thanks to your contribution to our emergency funds, we were able to operate and save Milly’s and her baby’s life. Help us rescue more seriously injured animals. We need your help. 


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