Shaggy came to us in a very poor condition

Abandoned at the Montreal SPCA at the age of seven, Shaggy came to us in a very bad way. Her severely infected skin was yellow and flaky, and she was also suffering from a painful ear infection. Her teeth were in a terrible state, causing her a great deal of discomfort. On top of all that, we discovered that Shaggy had a serious eye problem that, if left untreated, would cause her to go blind.

Several interventions were necessary

  • Medicated shampoo was used to treat Shaggy’s skin.
  • A course of antibiotics lasting several weeks also tackled the skin condition, which was so bad she resembled an elephant.
  • We began immediate treatment to cure her painful ear infection.
  • Special eye drops were given to clear up her eye problems, hydrate her eyes and prevent the situation from worsening. Her sight was saved!
  • Finally, our surgical team extracted 23 teeth.

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When doubled…
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