Special outings for the Montreal SPCA’s dog

At the Montreal SPCA, the welfare of the animals in our care is very important to us! We want to offer them an environment that is both welcoming and stimulating until each one finds the perfect home. That’s why we’ve created a program of special outings that allows our canine friends enjoy nature, socialize with other dogs and give them the best chance of being adopted.

A walk in the woods? A swim in the lake? A nap at the cottage?

Nothing is too good for the dogs at the Montreal SPCA!
First, we select the dogs who would most benefit from a special outing, such as those who have been with us a little longer or have certain behavioural issues we are working on. Our trained volunteers provide them with an experience adapted to their individual needs, sometimes in the company of other dogs. Year-round, these outings stimulate the dogs by letting them discover new places and smells, all while burning off a great deal of energy. Their thirst for adventure satisfied, the dogs are more relaxed during adoption hours, which increases their chances of being adopted!

These special outings also help us learn more about the dogs’ behaviours and personalities in a less stressful context, which helps us draw up a more accurate profile. We may discover that Fido is not a fan of car rides, that Toby absolutely loves swimming or Cannelle gets tired after 30 minutes, for example. These clues help us find the ideal home for each dog.

Safety first

As safety is our priority, we visit each location in advance to make sure its visitors are good about keeping their companion animals on leash. Moreover, each excursion involves at least two volunteers. Those interested in taking part in the outings are given special training in canine body language and biosafety and must have 12 or more hours of training as a dog walker.

These precautions ensure that the experience will always be a positive one for the dogs and the volunteers!

An outing for Roxy

“During our outing, Roxy was affectionate, enthusiastic and very curious about everything! In the car, she wanted to cuddle and settled down calmly to lick her Kong toy. She saw bike riders, a tractor and strangers without barking a single time! We love her so much!”
—Alexandra, volunteer at the Montreal SPCA  

When she first arrived at the Montreal SPCA, Roxy would bark nervously whenever she saw new people. This special outing let the team see her in a new context. We discovered a Roxy that was playful, affectionate and full of energy! She seems to have appreciated this special moment and has gone on numerous outings since!

At the Montreal SPCA, dogs surrendered or picked up as strays generally stay at the shelter for an average of 8.3 days. However, some wait much longer for their new family, for all sorts of reasons. Our special outings are designed to improve the daily lives of the dogs in our care and are made possible thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, who greatly enrich the lives of our canine protégés!

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