The Montreal SPCA is disappointed by the lifting of the horse-drawn carriage moratorium

calecheMontreal, May 25 2016 – After obtaining a temporary injunction by Montreal horse-drawn carriage drivers, the City of Montreal has decided to lift the one-year horse-drawn carriage moratorium  it had previously announced. The Montreal SPCA is disappointed by this news. We remain, however, fully determined to pursue our actions until a permanent ban on horse-drawn carriages is achieved in Montreal.

Several scientific studies show that the health and welfare of carriage horses in cities is compromised in many ways. Under constant threat of potential collisions with vehicles, subjected to extreme temperatures, pollution, and forced to walk for hours on abnormally hard surfaces, these animals often suffer from respiratory problems, lameness and other health problems. Not the mention the psychological suffering endured by the horses due to their inability to engage in natural behaviours such as socializing with other horses, moving about freely and grazing.  In fact, as recently as last February, Luc Desparois, owner of the majority of Montreal’s carriage horses, was found guilty for having compromised the safety and welfare of his horses.

Join the Montreal SPCA by sending a letter to the Mayor asking for a permanent ban of horse-drawn carriages in our city! Please visit http://www.spca-mtlaction.com/caleches/?g=c1&lang=en

Together, we will bring an end to this antiquated, inhumane, and unsafe industry. #stopcaleches


Media contact: Anita Kapuscinska, Media Relations Coordinator, Montreal SPCA, 514-226-3932, or anitak@spca.com.

About the Montreal SPCA

Founded in Montreal in 1869, we were the first humane society in Canada and our mission is to:

  • protect animals against negligence, abuse, and exploitation;
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For many years, the Montreal SPCA has been working hard with municipal, provincial and federal governments to improve animal protection laws. In 2015, the Montreal SPCA’s Investigations and Inspections Department investigated 1,339 new complaints and conducted the inspection of 1,945 animals, all species combined. A total of 659 animals were seized as a result of these investigations and several criminal and penal charges were laid.

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