The Montreal SPCA reacts to the provincial committee’s report on dangerous dogs

14203182_1201067439914456_6050610343087436405_nMontreal, September 2 2016 – Wednesday, the provincial committee put in place by Martin Coiteux, Minister of Public Security, to examine the issue of dangerous dogs submitted its final report to the Quebec government. Though the Montreal SPCA is pleased with certain proposed measures, the Montreal SPCA remains concerned about those recommendations that target particular dog breeds, which only serve to further perpetuate irrational fear and prejudice.

The report makes a number of recommendations that are key components of any effective dog bite prevention program, including the development of public education programs, both to educate dog owners as to their responsibilities and to teach the general public how to safely interact with dogs, and the implementation of centralized procedures for the reporting of  dog bites. The Montreal SPCA also endorses the proposed mandatory sterilization and microchipping of dogs, but believes this requirement should apply to all dogs, regardless of breed. Despite the report’s positive aspects, the Montreal SPCA remains preoccupied by the discriminatory measures that only target “pit bull” type dogs, chiefly due to their expected impact on abandonment and euthanasia rates for these dogs.

“Though we are glad to see that the report does not go so far as to ban a breed, we find those recommendations only targeting “pit bull” type dogs problematic, as they are unenforceable and costly for taxpayers” explains Dre Gabrielle Carrière, Head Veterinarian at the Montreal SPCA. “Additionally, responsible dog owners with well-behaved dogs will be targeted simply because of their dogs’ physical appearance and we are likely to see increased abandonment and fewer adoptions of “pit bull” type dogs due to the added stigma stemming from muzzling requirements”.

The Montreal SPCA encourages the public to visit a web platform provided by Humane Society International / Canada which, in just a few clicks, allows the public to contact their elected provincial representative in order to ask them to oppose provincial breed specific legislation and instead support fair and effective measures that place responsibility on all dog owners, regardless of breed.


Media contact: Anita Kapuscinska, Media Relations Coordinator, Montreal SPCA, 514 656-2760, or anitak@spca.com.

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