The Rabbit’s Needs


Increasingly popular companions in Quebec, rabbits are cute, quiet, sweet, playful, and can be affectionate and house-trained. They are great animals for people living in apartments.

However, rabbits are frequently abandoned because many people adopt them without being informed of their needs. Like any other animal companion, a rabbit whose needs go unmet is likely to develop undesirable behaviour.


  • are gregarious animals with a highly developed social language and need to be with another rabbit to express their natural behaviours.
  • have an average life expectancy of 8 to 12 years.
  • need a lot of space to hop and exercise. They can live loose in the house or in a large pen.
  • should be fed hay (those with allergies should abstain!), grain-based rabbit feed and green vegetables every day. Since very sweet, carrots should be only occasional treats!
  • like to chew, dig and search. It is important to provide them with stimulating toys and activities.
  • are fragile and so handling should be kept to a minimum and interactions, on the ground.
  • must be sterilized, just like cats and dogs, in some municipalities, including Montréal.
  • need veterinary care, just like any other companion animal, but not all clinics offer this service, which can be expensive.
  • cost about $1,000 a year when healthy.

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