The story of two brothers: Chom and Harley

At the Montreal SPCA, we do everything possible to meet the needs of all the animals looking for a home. Chom and Harley are great examples. These two adorable brothers, both 12 years old, came to the shelter together.

When they arrived at our shelter, they both needed medical care, and their unique situation implied a complex adoption process. During the duration of their treatement, a generous foster home agreed to take care of them. The foster family was struck by how much love the two dogs had to offer. Chom and Harley turned out to be very affectionate! They already knew the basic commands and could spend hours sniffing every blade of grass in the yard.

Their stay in the foster home confirmed what we already suspected: they needed to find a permanent home that would adopt them together. In fact, Chom showed signs of anxiety when separated from his brother, Harley.

Usually quiet, he would start howling and barking when he was alone. It broke our hearts! But when they were together, they would immediately relax and head out to explore their territory.

We weren’t the only ones who fell for Chom and Harley. Following their recovery, it only took two days for them to charm the ideal family, despite their special situation. They can live out their lives together. And their “smiles” confirm that it’s a perfect match!

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