This 14-year-old dog is in serious need of help

Ramses was abandoned at the Montreal SPCA at the age of 14. When he arrived at the shelter, he had a hard time eating. This little dog was fearful and he refused to be examined by our veterinarians, who were trying to find the source of his pain.

The examination reveals that his teeth are in a horrible condition. His gums, bones, and ligaments in his mouth are so inflamed and infected that most of his teeth are barely hanging by a thread. Eating must be very painful for him.

We must quickly extract the diseased teeth.

Extraction of 36 teeth

Dr. Carole-Anne Laurin is undertaking the surgery, which must be done under general anesthesia. During the operation, the team closely monitors the vital signs of our dear Ramses.

Considering the awful condition of his mouth, we must extract all his teeth, perform a thorough cleaning to stop the infection and close the wounds with several stitches.

1 hour and 10 minutes later

The extraction of the 36 teeth is complete. We give the small dog painkillers so that the pain is controlled when he wakes up. During postoperative follow-ups, our veterinarians check his general condition and his healing wounds. Great news: our sweet Ramses started eating again!

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Since October 1st, our veterinary team has performed 47 dental procedures to relieve dozens of cats and dogs from their oral pain. Help animals with urgent medical needs by donating today.

To be ready for emergencies,
our team needs some new tools

1 operating table, $5,000
2 fluid therapy pumps, $1,400
1 otoscope for ear exams, $100
1 Wood’s lamp for skin exams, $75

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“A new operating table would allow us to be even more efficient in our daily work with animals in distress! Thank you for your generosity towards these little animals who need us so much.”

– Dr. Gabrielle Carrière, Head Veterinarian

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